SLAMLab is getting rolling!

Things in the SLAMLab are getting rolling.  Dr. Ahmed has been awarded a CSUF RSCA grant to investigate the nonequilibrium properties of living matter!  And more and more equipment is being set up in the lab .  The first videos out of the lab are of a swimming micro-organism and a water droplet on a hydrophobic leaf. More to come!


SLAMLab welcomes two new members!

Wiley (8 of 9)

From left to right: Danielle Posey, Corbyn Jones,  and Prof. Ahmed (Image courtesy of Shovit Bhari)

The SLAMLab welcomes two new members to our interdisciplinary research team.  Looking forward to working together to study biophysics!

Danielle Posey – Senior majoring in Biology

Corbyn Jones – Sophomore majoring in Physics and Mechanical Engineering